Lina Medical Transportation is an approved by Department of Transportation Livery Service Provider. At Lina Medical Transportation we understand that transportation plays an important role in assuring recipients access to medical care, a lot of our clients depend on this type of transportation to reach medical services. This service is of particular importance to disabled individuals needing critical services such as dialysis, rehabilitation, or chemotherapy. In rural areas where medical providers are often in short supply, individuals may live far from medical providers, and public transportation is usually nonexistent - Lina Medical Transportation fulfills a critical need in these cases.

Lina Medical Transportation has been providing transportation since 1993, covering Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford Counties. Nowadays we have eighteen 4-door sedan vehicles on the road, 80% of the fleet has been replaced in 2008-2009 by a new efficient vehicles models, and we can say with the pride that now we offer ‘GREENER RIDE”.

Lina Medical Transportation provides any in-town trips in the following towns: Hamden, North Haven, East Haven, West Haven, Orange, Woodbridge, New Haven, Bethany, Branford, and Milford.

Lina Medical Transportation provides transportation to any point   in Connecticut from the towns listed below, as well as in town trips and transportation to towns listed below from any point in Connecticut.

  1. Hamden
  2. North Haven
  3. East Haven
  4. West Haven
  5. Orange
  6. Woodbridge
  7. New Haven.
  8. Bethany
  9. Branford
  10. Milford.